About Us

We have an innovative management and development team dedicated to providing the absolute best technology available to the public. Our product does what really matters by making available to USERs, EMTs and the medical community an interactive way to manage all health care records and the ability to tie EMT's and DR's together during a medical crisis.

All-My-RX provides easy access to health records for self, family and others, links EMTs to Dr's to coordinate medical treatment prior to arrival at site of emergency. The opportunity to serve the following is endless: Individual USERs, EMT providers, entire medical communities (Dr's, Physician Assistants, Nurses, labs, pharmacies), hospitals, elderly community, including assisted living facilities.

Our Story

All-My-Rx came to be when my husband began receiving treatment for his heart condition. He has a large regimen of medications and conditions and I soon realized that if something happened to him no family member has any of his medical or prescription information to share with an EMT or a hospital emergency room.

The second place of inspiration came at my Mother's house. Her husband was suffering from dementia and she taped a vinyl folder on the pantry door that held their medical information.

My mother is very particular about her home and I was embarrassed to see this cheap vinyl folder with scotch tape on the pantry. There needed to be a better option. Hence. All-My-RX was born.

I knew this product was useful and it needed more so it will work for anyone. I partnered with an IT master to create an APP, website and the tools necessary to keep all medical information up to date and current.

We have a designer on the team who designed the logo and is part of all product design and marketing. I've been working with retirement communities for over 10 years and I knew this product needed to be easy to use for seniors and for the person who has all their information on their smart phone.

The necessary information provided by The Emergency Medical Info Kits could save a life!